How Masonry can help you with a WordPress portfolio

Those, who have never heard about Masonry, should consider this option for their gallery as
soon as possible. What does it have to do with your ımage gallery? Believe it or not, Masonry
offers a wide spectrum of themes among which you can select the one that suits your gallery.
This layout library creates structural patterns by placing details in optimal positions that
enables a simple but smart design.

What’s so special about it?

Grid-based themes have been around for a long time, but today this technique becomes even
more popular among creative personalities. You are definitely one of them if your profession
has something to do with design or photography. The layouts offered by this library are
structure-free, meaning there is more space for your own phantasy. Incorporating different
sizes, shapes, and placements, you can reach a surprisingly effective final result. Have a look
at the features of this increadible layout library:

  • responsiveness and easy navigation system
  • fast and easy scroll option
  • drag and drop layout patterns
  • various formats (images, photos, animation, audios, videos, etc.)
  • online commerce compatibility
  • filtration option

Just imagine, you can have all that applied to your own web gallery. Grid layouts can be a
great for personal websites, as well as web galleries. And it works perfectly well for
WordPress portfolio, thanks to the advanced functionality of the last one. You know your
audience, whether it’s your visitors or potential employers. Thus, only you know how you
want others to perceive you and your works. Your task is to get noticed and to become

To get a better visual understanding of how this nice layout would look in your gallery, check
Pinterest. In fact, this is the web resource that has helped grid themes to become so popular.

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