How to choose the right background for your portfolio

Even the best online portfolio remains unnoticed without the proper visual design. Selecting
the right scheme for your ground-color, you send a hidden message. What kind of message is
it going to be is only for you to decide?

What options are there?

Quite simple, you can just upload one big photo from your personal archive and use it as a
background by keeping a repetitive pattern on each page. Simple as it is, but I’m not sure if
it’s the best idea to promote yourself. Instead, you can use the WordPress themes, free or
premium, to have your portfolio set within the certain design. Well, this can be a bit tricky. To
choose a good-looking design from the platform library is not enough.

Your task is to select the theme that would look good as the ground-color for your images. It
should look easily recognizable, but it definitely shouldn’t be in contrast to your content.
Otherwise, you can only guess what your audience pays the maximum attention to. Your
gallery is the demonstration of your works, but not of the web design. Thus, select those
themes which can fade into the ground-color and set your images as the main priority.

Today, the overwhelming number of online portfolios suggests sticking to neutral color
palettes as they create the purest and the most efficient backdrop for numerous images you
would like to showcase. In addition, it would craft a visual competition between your
workpieces and the selected ground-conceot itself. I can assure you, it stimulates the visitors’
imagination and makes them stay on your web resource longer.

If you are already the owner of the web portfolio but think that its ground-color needs to be
changed, you should go to your ePortfolio tools menu. There you open your Setting options,
click on the Customization button, select the available ground-color or upload it from your
PC, preview the new look, and save it if it seems fine for you.

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