How to reorder items in your portfolio

You must be thinking that once your gallery is published, there is nothing you can do to
change its visual content. It’s not really the truth. The web gallery can be easily reordered and

Here’s what you need to know

Once you make a post in your gallery, the system displays it first by default. The reason
behind this is the platform settings that order images based on the dates they are published. To
break the circle, you should literally change the dates, one by one. It takes much time and
effort to find out which date to choose in order to have each item placed in the right spot.

Open the list of all existing items in your gallery. Select each of them and change the dates in
the Quick Edit section. Don’t forget to save the changes if you don’t want to proceed with the
same routine twice. Also, you can use the Editor, in which you can point out a new date of
publication and save it by clicking on the Update button.

Alternatively, you can refer to the plugin that will take all the responsibility for reordering.
The main issue is that WordPress doesn’t have this function built-in, meaning you have to
search for the certain plugin on the Internet. The best one to be considered is the Post Types
Order plugin. When you get it ready for work on your PC, you’ll have to specify what kind of
reordering you expect, based on size, topic, or concept. Go to the Posts tab in the platform
dashboard and click on the Re-Order button. There you choose the selected pieces which will
send you to the drag-and-drop reordering page. At that point, you have all the power to set the
new order of the images by moving them up and down.

Once you install the proper reordering settings, you don’t have come back to the same
operations again and again. Also, the date is of no interest anymore. As you see, it’s much
easier than doing all the “dirty work” by yourself.

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