Keep your black & white WordPress portfolio minimalistic

Despite the abundance of themes we have today, minimalism will never be out of style. They
say, sometimes less is more. Thus, keeping your work black and white can be a great way to
demonstrate your reserved but classy style. Believe it or not, the minimalistic approach can
make your portfolio look even more attention-worthy without additional clutter. Let’s say, a
black and white background can highlight your colorful images and written text if there is
any. This approach can work perfectly for the websites which focus mainly on visual content
and animation.

How to make these simple colors work?

WordPress offers some nice minimalist options which are worth your consideration.
Casper is a popular black and white design crafted on the basis of the Ghost platform. A wellstructured
fullscreen header and the ability to add URLs to images rapidly are the most
recognizable features of this design solution.

SKT Black Pro was initially introduced as a visual concept for photographer websites, but its
crafty features couldn’t stay unnoticed by other professionals and amateurs. One more
advantage of this tool is its responsiveness for any type of mobile devices, which makes it a
universal tool.

Raven is a Premium multipurpose solution that offers more than several pre-designed layouts
and can be applied to any type of web content, from galleries to online shops. Being a dragand-drop
developer, this tool provides an elegant look to any online resource.

Those, who find themselves lost while selecting the right color tone for their portfolios, will
get relief after using one of the previously mentioned minimalist web designs. They surely
won’t distract the viewers from the main content of your portfolio. At the same time, they will
create a sophisticated and classy background for the images you’d like to introduce

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