Optimistic WordPress Photo Portfolio

It’s not the matter of a random choice that you singled out this exquisite WordPress Photo Portfolio template among hundreds of others. It is only an extra proof of your perfect artistic taste. This highly professional artwork will meet all requirements of a photographer willing to make himself known all over the world. Without exaggeration, we can call WordPress CMS the most popular among modern users because of its simplicity and usability. So, if you choose this amazing template, your future website won’t give you any trouble during adjustment, as it possesses all the conveniences and pleasant features of WordPress.

The given template was created in bright, optimistic color solution. It makes the impression of joy and cheerfulness. The background is light grey with hardly noticeable slogans on it. They are like the 25th frame, which affects the subconsciousness of the user. The images look like bright patches and catch the user’s attention at first sight.


Portfolio on the Homepage was created as a three column structure, which is an indisputable merit. This advantageous feature lets you display several photos on one page, on the Homepage of your website! When you place a mouse cursor on the image, information about it appears in a drop down window. There is a pagination bar under the content area, so you can be sure that a user will view all your masterpieces right from the first page. Menu has all necessary links for your unforgettable web presentation.
Here comes the list of template’s functional features and peculiarities:

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