Show your creativity by building a killer online portfolio

Being engaged in the sphere of design or photography means you have to showcase your
creative side in every piece of work. Thus, no need to be shy while representing your best
stuff in your web gallery. will be the simplest way to incorporate an
attention-worthy gallery.

Where to pay attention to?

First, you need to choose a proper canvas that would reveal your unique style. All of the
WordPress themes allow you to add a custom header image and a background color.
Second, select the classiest images which you are eager to show off. Or maybe you would like
to download a bunch of images at once? It’s up to you! Be careful with how many items you
include in your gallery. Remember, the viewers rarely check all the works; instead they just
look through a few projects and move on. The main point is that the whole work looks like
one person’s collection of works.

Third, try to make your creation look as much interesting as possible. Play with colors and
layouts, but don’t make it look like a freak show. For that reason, you should definitely forget
about flash or animation to your content. If you are not sure about your choice, get a second
opinion. Does it look professional, is there anything missing, or is it interesting to explore?
You can hardly be objective enough to answer these questions.

Some of the steps are optional. Thus, you can lead your blog to keep in touch with your
viewers and let them know the recent updates. It wouldn’t hurt to add a contact form to your
webpage to ensure you can be reached anytime. At this point, it’s highly recommended to
refer to WordPress plugins which can make your visual content more attractive, add specific
functions, and enhance the security of your web content.

After all, try to imagine what would you, as a viewer, would like to see in a someone’s
portfolio. The rest can be fixed by WordPress.

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