Things to know before you launch your WordPress portfolio

I guess you have finally decided to proceed with your online portfolio. Then, there are some
things to consider before the very last step is taken. Thanks to the WordPress platform, adding
your portfolio to the existing webcontent or creating a portfolio webpage from scratch is not
an issue anymore. Still, there are five main nuances which ensure the overall success of your
initiative and which must be checked before the launch.

5 things to be checked

  1. Keep your photography portfolio is short but informative. Be selective in images you
    add to your gallery, as there is a place only for the best workpieces you can suggest. I
    hope you don’t think that your visitors are going to see all of them after opening your
  2. Consider the idea of adding a short resume page, where you could say something
    about yourself. No need to write your biography, but some “about myself” sentences
    would be just fine. Alternatively, it’s a common to create “About myself” section that
    would unveil the basic information on your personality.
  3. Check your theme once again. Isn’t it too bright or too dark, too depressive or too
    childish, etc. Every detail of your portfolio website should reflect the sides of your
    personality, although you don’t forget about basic aesthetics.
  4. Make sure the contact form in your portfolio is there and it works perfectly. Also, have
    a look at your contact details, including mobile phone number, fax, email. If you have
    accounts in popular social media, there is nothing bad to add this information as well.
  5. Ask for a second opinion. Before you portfolio goes live, it wouldn’t hurt to show it to
    your family, friends, or colleagues. Another person may notice some things you could
    not even think about as wrong.

As you see, the main idea of the double check is to ensure your portfolio works for you. Once
all five steps are completed, don’t wait any longer and let the world see what you’ve got.

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