What is a filterable portfolio and how to add it to your WordPress website

Has the idea of collecting your best items in a filterable portfolio ever occurred to your mind?
Or, maybe you already have one and want to add it to your webpage? Here’s the truth, none
of the branding tools can be as effective as making your gallery easily accessible any time of
the day.

The main trick about filterable design is its ability to demonstrate different styles of your
work. Thus, your visitors can easily navigate your gallery by discovering items they are
actually interested in.

This portfolio design works perfectly for photographers, designers, as well as business people,
whose main purpose is to provide an effective exposure of their portfolio items. All of them
combine a common idea to showcase their talents and gain the recognition.

How to make it?

Your first step will be to get acquainted with the Elvira Gallery plugin. This practical tool is
well-known for being comprehensive even for average users so that there is no need to call
web professionals for assistance. As soon as you have the plugin installed, you can start
adding your images and putting them together within the galleries.

You need to install and activate tags addon to adhere filterable features to your items. At this
point, you are ready to create your very first image gallery either by dragging and dropping
files from your PC or by selecting files from any other storages. The same should be done if
you are willing to add metadata to each item. To proceed with any modification, just use the
pencil icon so you can add or remove caption, tags, etc.

How about tag filtering? You can enable or disable it by checking the Tags Gallery Settings.
Afterwards, click on the Publish button and the deal is done!

The last thing you should think of is the placement of your gallery, whether you’d like to get
it published in a post or a page. That’s something you can change immediately or later on
when you feel the need.

A filter portfolio is a right thing to do to make your visitors feel more comfortable while
checking your items. Take extra effort and craft a portfolio as visitors-friendly as it can be!

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