Which Plugin to Choose for WordPress Portfolio

Those who are involved in design or photography realize the importance of a worthy website.
The task is not that difficult, but it will require from you two basic things – some creativity
and proper tools. If the first thing depends purely on your imagination, with the second one
you might need some help. Some portfolio themes have a built-in option to develop a
portfolio website, while the rest need special plugins to be installed to proceed with this task.
Finding a suitable portfolio plugin can turn out to be a real challenge, especially for beginners.

Which way to go?

Here are some free plugins which are effective enough to deliver a great result:
Rio Portfolio: Fast and easy as it can be, this plugin stores visual and video content by
applying custom post elements. Thanks to a filtration function, it is able to display a paginated
menu of all details. Users can specify an image size, a number of images, and whatever other
characteristics of the web content by changing the plugin settings.

Envira Gallery: This drag and drop plugin has gained the reputation of the most reliable one.
Start from the Event Gallery where you can introduce all your works. Then, there is an
opportunity to edit your newly created gallery by adjusting the size and layout settings. When
all is done, just click on Publish button!

NextGen Gallery: This plugin was initially designed to create image galleries, but now it’s
widely used as a great tool for crafting an attractive portfolio. A great deal of features and
functionalities allow to add visualities and videos not only from your personal archive but
also from other websites. Basically, there is one simple thing to be done, namely, entering the
URL of the desired video into the gallery. Sounds simple, don’t you think?

When you decide to tailor the collection of your works, don’t be afraid to spend some time on
choosing a proper plugin you would feel comfortable to work with. If none of the abovementioned
options don’t appeal to you, still there are much fish in the sea.

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